Working with me

I help people live in ways that matter to them. My intention for our work together, is to create a warm and nourishing environment in which I can help you identify what helps and what gets in the way of having the life you want. This may include offering reflections, ideas and information, which I encourage you to receive as possibilities for further reflection, or to reject if they don’t ‘land’ with you.  I use a gentle therapeutic approach that is, first and foremost, relational and exploratory. I will listen with  genuine interest in your unique and individual story, and from there we will work on your intentions and goals for your counselling / therapy. I will check-in with you throughout our time together to ensure you feel comfortable with my way of working with you.

I believe that we can all grow and learn in a safe and confidential counselling / therapeutic relationship.  You will gain the greatest benefits for yourself, when you are able to be open and honest about whether you feel working with me, is working for you.  I encourage the people who come to see me,  to let me know if something about my counselling approach is not working, and to ask questions if something is not clear so that we can find a way through. Even if this means ending our counselling relationship and supporting you to explore options that may be better suited to your needs.

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