“Trauma [and stress] is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence” (Peter Levine, Founder of

Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing, teaches us that “trauma is in biology, not the biography”. What he means by this, is that stress and trauma are not so much in the event or events that make up our life experience, but rather they come out of our internal responses to a single event or the many events that make up our lives. Events and experiences that are overwhelming to the nervous system.

What is somatic experiencing?

Somatic experiencing (SE) is a body-oriented therapy that supports the release of accumulated stress and trauma, including PTSD,  that can get ‘trapped’ in the body. It resets the nervous system, restores inner balance and rhythm, builds resilience to, and releases stress and enhances vitality.

The human body tells a story that the mind often bypasses. Including the body-story in counselling supports the development of insight, self-awareness, restoration of hope, aliveness and vitality, ultimately leading you‘home’ to a deeper connection to yourself, others and the world. Further, the combination of counselling, somatic experiencing and other therapeutic approaches can be a powerful pathway back to health and wellness by relieving distress and overwhelm. I can support you to explore how the imprints of life experience help or hinder you from having the life you want.

Through therapy, we can make contact with the deep parts of ourselves through bodily felt sensations no longer turning away from the parts of ourselves that are crying out to be heard, seen and felt, identifying our needs and wants in ways that we may not have had access to before.

In somatic experiencing therapy, there is an opportunity to awaken to something new, different and possible.

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“Trauma [and stress] is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.”

Peter Levine, Founder of Somatic Experiencing

Dr Peter Levine: The origins of Somatic Experiencing for trauma

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