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Rhythm is all around us.

Pause here for a few moments. Tune in to the rhythm of life outside and inside you. What can you hear? What can you feel? What are you noticing? Perhaps the sound of traffic moving in the distance enters your awareness? Can you hear the rain falling on the roof above you, the wind rustling through fallen autumn leaves or bird song outside your window? Can you feel the rhythm of your heart beating, your breath, children’s laughter, the rhythm of your eyes as they move from word to word across this page?

Out of rhythm?

Human beings are rhythmical creatures. Surrounded by our mothers heart-beat from our very beginnings, we are born into a rhythm. Along the way, we can become disconnected from our natural sense of rhythm, and the rhythms around us. At times throughout life, our rhythms can be thrown into chaos by life events beyond our control such as the death or other loss of a loved one, life transitions, accidents, global events, environmental disasters, financial difficulty, life-threatening illness, the crisis of confidence or meaning, feeling lost, isolated and confused and the list goes on.

Drumming therapy brings us back into the rhythm

There is an emerging body of evidence to support what traditional communities have known for centuries. That music, particularly drumming, can bring us back into rhythm. Therapeutic drumming induces relaxation, relieves stress, tension & anxiety, facilitates social bonding and activates neural patterns in the brain associated with improved motor control, immune function and general social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Therapeutic drumming sessions

I do semi-structured rhythm drumming therapy sessions that focus on specific themes such as communication, working together, self-care, emotional vitality, trust and more. No musical experience is necessary for a therapeutic drumming session.

Using the DRUMBEAT program for therapy

DRUMBEAT is the world’s leading therapeutic drumming program. An evidence-based program, developed in Perth, West Australia, supported by independent research and evaluations,

DRUMBEAT is an effective therapy program incorporating hand drumming, behavioural therapeutic principles and cognitive elements.

The DRUMBEAT therapy program can be used:

  • to break down barriers for meaningful discussions
  • to move individuals or teams forward in a positive way

As an accredited DRUMBEAT facilitator, I use drumming games, structured rhythms, improvisation, experiential exercises during DRUMBEAT sessions. In drumming therapy, we use many of the same qualities and skills that are required to build and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships with ourselves, and others in the home, at work and out in the broader community.

DRUMBEAT group sessions

DRUMBEAT can be run as a 6-10 week, closed group therapy program or an open therapy program that focuses on a range of themes that contribute to social cohesion. As part of our DRUMBEAT group therapy sessions we discuss:

  • Rhythms in life
  • Relationships
  • Harmony
  • Identity
  • Emotions
  • Working and living together with others

The DRUMBEAT therapy program can be beneficial for many groups of people including:

  • Defence force personnel
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Health care personnel
  • Grief and loss, palliative care, chronic illness groups
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education school groups
  • Trauma recovery programs
  • Indigenous and First Nations communities
  • Disability services
  • Aged care services
  • Mental health services
  • Refugee and migrant services
  • Youth justice and adult prisons
  • Corporate teams

Book a drumming therapy session

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