DRUMBEAT | Developing Relationships Using Music | Beliefs Emotions Attitudes Thoughts

Alyson is an accredited DRUMBEAT facilitator with 6 years experience facilitating DRUMBEAT with, and for people recovering from substance abuse and trauma in the community, youth justice and adult prison, as well as primary, high and tertiary education facilities and general community settings.

DRUMBEAT is an evidence based program, developed in Perth, West Australia. DRUMBEAT can be run as a 6- 10 week, closed group program or an open program that focuses on a range of themes that contribute to social cohesion. In making music together, we use many of the same qualities and skills that are required to build and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships with ourselves, and others in the home, at work and out in the broader community.  Themes explored, using games, structured rhythms, improvisation, experiential exercises and group discussion include: rhythms in life, relationships, harmony, identity, Emotions, and working and living together with others.

DRUMBEAT can be beneficial with people in a range of contexts including:

  • Defence Force personnel
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Health care – Grief and loss, palliative care, chronic illness
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Trauma recovery programs
  • Indigenous and First Nations communities
  • Disability services
  • Aged care services
  • Mental health services
  • Refugee and migrant services
  • Youth justice and adult prisons
  • Corporate teams

Contact Alyson to make enquiries and discuss ideas [Alyson@thecentre4cts.com.au]