Rhythm 4 Wellness

Rhythm is all around us.

Pause here for a few moments. Tune in to the rhythm of life outside and inside you. What can you hear? What can you feel? What are you noticing? Perhaps the rhythm of traffic moving in the distance enters your awareness? Can you hear rain falling on the roof above you, the wind rustling through fallen autumn leaves or bird song outside your window. Can you feel the rhythm of your heart beating, your breathe, children’s laughter falling at your feet, the rhythm of your eyes as they move from word to word across this page.

Rhythm is life.

Human beings are rhythmical creatures. Surrounded by our mothers heart-beat from our very beginnings, we are born into rhythm. Along the way, we can become disconnected from our natural sense of rhythm, and / or the rhythms around us. At times throughout life, our rhythms can be thrown into chaos by life events beyond our control such as the death or other loss of a loved one, life transitions, accidents, global events, environmental disasters, financial difficulty, life-threatening illness, crisis of confidence or meaning, feeling lost, isolated and confused and the list goes on….. There is an emerging body of evidence to support what traditional communities have known for centuries. That music, particularly drumming, can bring us back into rhythm. It induces relaxation, relieves stress, tension & anxiety, facilitates social bonding and activates neural patterns in the brain associated with improved motor control, immune function and general social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing (REF).

Human beings are wired for connection. Our ‘Rhythm for Wellness’ events and programs, invite people together to experience health and wellness through the art of making music together with others. Themes woven into the art of music-making include mindfulness, communication, connection, encouragement and support, acceptance, self-compassion, emotional expression, community, problem solving, creative expression, celebrating diversity and difference, non-judgement, FUN and more….

No musical experience is necessary

R4W Programs

Rhythm 4 Wellness programs, unlike our other theme-focused, programs and sessions, may not necessarily have an explicitly therapeutic direction, whilst therapeutic benefits are experienced nonetheless.

Rhythm 4 Wellness events and workshops are an ‘Arthur Hull inspired’ initiative born to bring out the creative spirit in all of us by inviting people together through rhythm and music.

We do this together through the art of spontaneous and harmonious music making using hand drums and percussion. Together, we create opportunities for the coming together of people from all cultures, contexts and walks of life to connect, express and share our creative spirit and common humanity.

OUR VISION is to live in a world where the drum circle / rhythmical experiences of connection, community and acceptance will be carried forward into everyday life.

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