Focusing on the ‘felt sense’ was introduced by philosopher and psychologist Dr Eugene Gendlin (1926 –  2017).

What is focusing?

Focusing is a process of acknowledging, sensing, listening, and being open to the stories our bodies hold and know, about what the mind and the language of words, is yet to grasp. In other words, inside the body, there is a library of wisdom stories waiting to emerge and unfold. When we take time to pause, sense and listen through therapy, we can make contact with the ‘felt-sense’ of things as they are.

Benefits of focusing

Once learned, focusing can become a resource when you want to be in touch with your ‘felt sense’ or in other words, your intuition and with the wisdom that your body can give you.

Focusing helps you to:

  • understand what you are truly feeling
  • integrate body, mind and spirit
  • become more attentive and friendly to yourself and others
  • deepen the process of counselling

Focusing can be introduced as a delicate accompaniment to the therapeutic process, to help you access the wisdom that lives inside the body.

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