Drug and Alcohol Counselling

People use many different ways of coping with life and living. Some people meditate, some go to the gym, listen to or play music, some people over or under eat, others turn to sex, social media, TV, pornography, and some people turn to drugs and alcohol.

People use drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons: to escape from physical or emotional pain, to gain control, to feel free, for fun, to belong, to get things done, to get through the day, to numb and the list goes on…..Here, at The Centre we accept that people often have very good reasons for using drugs and alcohol. We can help you explore these, understand them in ways you may not have considered before, and help you to live into a drug free – or a drug safe life, according to your intentions and goals.

Recovery does not happen in isolation.

Reaching out, and sharing your story in a safe environment with a warm and attentive listener, no matter how difficult, can be life changing. Initially, we will work with you, and / or your loved one (s) to establish a relationship in which you feel okay enough to open up. Alongside exploring the underlying issues, we may work with you on values and beliefs, understanding triggers and relapse prevention. We can help you understand the process of dependency and the stages of change that we all go through as human beings when embarking on change, and we can also support you through the grief and loss that can  accompany the initial transition to a drug free lifestyle.

In this compelling TEDtalk, Johann Hari challenges the dominant narrative on drug addiction.

If you, or someone you care about needs urgent assistance, call 000 immediately. 

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